RBC Savings Spot

How do you make saving seem smart and fun? The RBC Savings Spot uses bold visuals and practical language to provide simple, useful tips and tools for saving money. Key among them: the RBC High Interest eSavings® Account.

Team: Dan Gaede (Art Director), Andrew Strachan (Creative Director), Jinnean Barnard (Writer)
Elements shown in slideshow: Website pages

Microsoft “Economic Downturn” Website: The Canadian economy. Today and tomorrow. 

When the 2009 recession hit, we were worried about our clients and they, in turn, were worried about theirs. MRM and Microsoft reacted quickly to create a site for Microsoft’s business clients that offered information and tools to help them weather the storm. We’re used to working fast, but this site may be the most complex and content-rich we’ve ever created in such a short time frame. A small team of account and creative people, along with an IA, met for a full-day session with senior marketing reps from across Microsoft Canada to define the site’s purpose, identify new and existing content, and create meaningful ways for Microsoft’s business clients to engage with Microsoft to survive, and even succeed, during the economic crisis.

Team: Scott McKay (Creative Director & Co-writer), Petar Stoilov (Art Director), Jinnean Barnard (Writer), Liesa Cumming (with Patrick Jordan) (Information Architect).


Microsoft: Windows Live Share Your Passion Campaign

 Microsoft Home Magazine is a consumer website that helps folks use their PCs and Microsoft® Windows software to live their lives and make and do interesting things.

In the Share Your Passion campaign we show how you can share your passion about whatever you’re into using Windows Live tools. The campaign is all about the benefits and the experience, and drives visitors to the website to download Windows Live tools.

Building on this campaign was the Share Your Passion contest, in which people submitted their own movies and slideshows made with Windows Movie Maker.

Team: Petar Stoilov (Art Director), Scott McKay (Creative Director), Jinnean Barnard (Writer) 

Elements: Flash and static banners, website, contest.

Microsoft Office Online

This campaign answers the question, “How can I reduce the number of calls to our organization’s help desk?” Send your information workers to Microsoft Office Online first.  

Team: Petar Stoilov (Art Director), Jinnean Barnard (Writer)  

Elements: Static Banners.


Microsoft: Big Easy Offer 

Elements: Website, email, postcard

Description: Microsoft values its partners and periodically offers them software deals. This one is a favourite because it provides subsidies for whatever Microsoft solutions the partners need to answer their business challenges.

Team: Scott McKay (Creative Director), Dalbir Channa (Art Director), Jinnean Barnard (Writer).


Nestle: LEAN CUISINE Spa Menu 

 This sub-site of the LEAN CUISINE site extolled the flavour and nutritional value of the LEAN CUISINE Spa menu.  

Team: Scott McKay (Creative Director), Ian McFadyen (Art Director), Jinnean Barnard (Writer).