I had the bizarre experience yesterday of a) having my work validated by an eight-year-old, and b) really appreciating it.

It was a beautiful day, and all the neighbourhood kids were popping in and out of each other’s houses. One tousle-headed visitor with a fist-full of lego noticed a sample direct mail piece on our kitchen table.

 “Oh, cool!” he said. “We got that at our house, too.” And then, speaking to my son, he said, “Here, I’ll show you how to open it, it’s really neat – when you open the doors there’s stuff behind them.”

 So. Got a kid inside an envelope. Got that warm glow of success. Yes, it’s a (very) small sample. But it’s Thanksgiving, so I’m going to take what I can get, and be thankful!

AuthorJinnean Barnard